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Creator Spotlight: Nico Johnson

The cool night air greets you as you burst through the doors of the convention center. Taking a seat on a nearby bench, you breath a sigh of relief and enjoy the respite from the throngs of costumed convention goers...

But what's that?! You see a fluttering in the shadows. You stare intently as a figure clad in darkness emerges. A suit jacket takes form. The street lamp glistens off a dazzling fedora. In the background, a strange signal can be seen in the sky. The signal burns brightly. Some might even say as bright as... manga.

What could it be?

It's Nico Johnson, the focus of our new Creator Spotlight!

Your girl has been hustling between work and night classes, so Nico has just narrowly escaped being drawn as a chibi dapper batman. This update has been long overdue and offers a great chance to learn more about our sister organization, Shining Otaku!

Check out both Nico's interview AND the Shining Otaku Partner Spotlight on our homepage today!

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