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Our History

About us

Our History

A group of "Great Recession" era friends  tired of what they were being served in the pop culture mediums they loved agreed that they had had ENOUGH! They took their existing knowledge of  comics, television and film added what they learned from networking and study  and went for broke. Thus creating the foundations for one of the most diverse and agile media companies around. 

Though we each wear many hats, our enthusiasm and thirst to win help us survive and thrive. Keeping our ears to the street and a veracity for learning  keeps us on our toes and always prepared to meet change at the drop of a dime. A deep sense of family and shared  social responsibility  keeps us real and our course true.

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Hanna Al-Shaer

Hanna Al-Shaer graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) with a major in Digital Media and a minor in illustration. She has been drawing, illustrating, and designing non stop most of her life. She loves to tell stories through her art and is working hard to improve and grow her craft. She is inspired by anything historical or whimsical.


Tani Andrews

Tani Andrews is a manga artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally self-taught, they graduated from SCAD in 2019 with a focus in manga. In 2022, Tani debuted with their first original manga, Seeds of Doubt, which is currently updated on Webtoons. Alongside art, Tani enjoys various aspects of Japanese and Korean language and culture.


Alyssa "Tora" Aman

Alyssa "Tora" Aman is a storyboard and comic artist that recently graduated in 2019. Currently they are working on overhauling their portfolio and as a Webtoons assistant on The Uniques by Comfort Love and Adam Withers. When not drawing you can usually find Tora reading through a stack of books and comics.


Che Baker

Che Baker is a comic/artist hailing from the Westside of Detroit, MI. He recently joined Imaginos in 2022. Che is a full time advocate for marginalized youth. He has gained a lot of grounded experience from his human service background. His goals are to bridge the gaps between the privileged and marginalized communities in order to create opportunities for healing and restructuring our society to accommodate all and support those in need.


Ara Belian

Ara Belian joined Imaginos Workshop in 2011 and is an original partner. He has a degree in both Art History and Accounting. In the past, Ara sold comic books for Imaginos and attended networking events to promote the workshop. In the future, Ara will be involved with marketing and accounting aspects of Imaginos, along with possibly doing some acting.


Allison Beth

Allison is a writer with Imaginos Workshop. She works mostly on screenplays, writing features and pitching in where she can on other projects. Repping Imaginos on the west coast, she juggles writing and working as a Production Coordinator during the day.


Anthea Calhoun Bey

Anthea Calhoun Bey is a Detroit native. A junior at the prestigious College for Creative Studies, and currently majoring in Illustration. She is an avid videophile. Anthea loves cooking and reading. She hates cyberbullying and racism. Anthea’s goals focused on the animation industry, particularly visual development. She is also working on an manga entitled KING OF THE DAMNED: Tale of Two Kings. Close to her heart, this Afrofuturistic tale is filled with  vampiric , ancient Egyptian and cyberpunk elements.

joe cain

Writer, Podcaster, creator of Paragon Panic and The Honeycomb Hideout podcast. A life-long fan of comic books, Joe Cain has always believed in the power of story-telling. Be it in text, illustration, film, animation, or even just the oral tradition, the love is there and is at the core of his endeavors; the goal is always to engage, inspire, and, of course, entertain.


Mark Dudley

Mark Dudley is the Managing Partner and Art Director for Imaginos Workshop. A veteran illustrator and sequential artist, Mark has worked in Pen and Paper RPGs for the last 25 years, primarily with Palladium Books. You can see Mark’s comic work in the webcomic JUDA FIST: 7 Deaths Of The Yobi.


Nikhil Emmadi

Nik is an Imaginos Workshop Partner.  He serves as a Writer, Project Bible Creator, Researcher and Medical Consultant within the company.  After earning his M.D. he was part of the group that co-founded Imaginos Workshop.  He enjoys and writes in various genres such as Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Drama, Thriller and Reality Competition.  His personal mantra is a humanitarian combination of the company motto of ‘Creating Cool $h!t’ and the classic Conan-ism of ‘Crush your enemies, see them driven before you…’. 


Alexa Harnack

Alexa Harnack is a founding member of Imaginos Workshop and is in charge of community outreach programs. She also works as a story consultant. Outside of Imaginos Workshop, Alexa is a Licensed Professional Counselor working in Community Mental Health. 


Katie Hodges

Katie Hodges is a 2013 SCAD Grad, earning a BFA in Sequential Art. A middle Georgia resident for a little over 20 years, in the restaurant industry 13 years, and drawing comics somewhere in between that. She's rebuilding her own comic from the ground up between the pages of her current labor of love, "The Extras" with nothing but a monkey brain, hyper-fixations, and a mighty need for a good Old Fashioned.



Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Ervin is a Writer and also the Co-Founder of Shining Otaku Comics. Starting from childhood, there was a desire and willingness to create. Having great interest in Asian culture, he earned a B.A in East Asian Studies, all while publishing his most notable work Gods of Life -Manga Series. He believes writing can be more than just entertainment, but a fun way to show others a different perspective in order to reach their potential.


Christine Kitchens

By day, a freshwater ecologist. By night, a co-host on The Honeycomb Hideout, dropping science facts and pontificating on social issues. Pansexual and polyamorous, Christine seeks to bring a queer and feminist voice to both the podcast and Imaginos Workshop. Christine is an avid fan of video games, horror, and flipping the metaphorical table of "The Man". She's a super fan of indulging in all three at once. A firm believer in the power of science, she strives to  elevate research and discussion in all facets of her life.


Jeffrey Lilly

Jeff Lilly is a writer, editor, and former educator. He’s been writing comics for over three decades. His current projects are The Extras with Pam Bliss and Katie Hodges, writing screenplays and teleplays with Imaginos Workshop, and editing comic scripts for Imaginos. He spent 11 years living in mostly small towns in Japan and teaching in their public schools. He also repairs antique radios and is president of the Michigan Antique Radio Club.


Jonathan Ross

Jonathan was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. His lifelong fascination with arts and communication led him to study English and film, and he spends a lot of his time watching and blogging about horror movies. After the better part of a decade on the west coast, he has moved back to his home state of Michigan.


Marijayne Renny

Marijayne Renny regularly communes with the imagination of a collective utopia, discovering ways to create a more equitable and fun world to live in, through advocacy work, community engagement and creative outlets such as Luna & Flow.


Michael Seaton

Michael Seaton joined Imaginos as a writer/artist in 2023. His current writing is centered on the concepts of self-worth, romance, and adventure. He has continued interests in the development of cartoons, devoting a great portion of his free time to his personal project titled Berry the Banana. Michael has experience inking and assisting with titles from Saturday AM; Saigamai and Killshot. When not creating he can be found at the gym or nose deep in a pillow.


Brianna Shanelle

Bri, a Michigan cosplayer, has been creating characters in her head since childhood. That’s been her primary inspiration to become a writer. It has always been her dream to see the characters and worlds from her imagination finally come to life on the page. She is beginning her first comic, Project Nirvana, which combines sci-fi with slice of life. She wants to ask the questions about humanity that she hasn’t seen asked or answered very often in media.

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