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Sense 8
By Mark C. Dudley

Spec Script

Riley and Kala continue to keep watch over an unconscious Will in Reykjavik while Diego does his best to stay between Will’s father and Whispers henchmen in Chicago. On the other side of the world in Nairobi, Caephus continues to grow into his appointed title of Van Damme through the aid of his fellow sensates, but finds himself grappling with his own morals and the self-imposed morals of his community.

Silicon Valley
By Mark C. Dudley

Spec Script

In the aftermath of a chaotic election and the swearing in of Donald Trump, Richard and Jared make a desperate trip to a Las Vegas rally to convince the President-elect to endorse Pied Piper. Monica is hot on their tails to stop the two from ruining the company's image by having their attendance at the rally documented by the press. Meanwhile, Gavin from the competing company, Hooli, finds himself on the newly-elected president's advisory committee, but realizes he bit off more than he can chew. Both companies end up making drastic public decisions that resound through Silicon Valley. 

short stories

Short Stories

By Joseph A. Cain

Former cop turned government super soldier, Leon Spriggs doing everything he can to use his +Positive endowed powers to help humankind. However, when he’s struck with a crushing emotional blow, he realizes his employer, Tetran, arcs towards a dark and twisted justice. He then sets out on one last job to deliver judgement on Tetran.

comic scripts

Comic Scripts

Erin Tarn Chronicles
By Jeff Lilly

In a post-apocalyptic world riddled with magic and dangerous technology, the Veil exists to keep villagers safe. Three youths cross the barrier to explore the echoes of the old world. However, while they only expect to find neglected highways and dilapidated buildings, something alive and wild waits inside the threshold of a ruined diner.

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