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Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine
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In a post-apocalyptic future filled with super-science and magic, a group of retired mercenaries has to do one last job. In search of a kidnapped engineer, the gang wades through enemies who wield load-outs that should not be possible. They uncover a cult that uses both bionics and necromancy, fueled by a trapped DEMON, to commit unholy abominations. Will our heroes find the engineer? Will they be pulled ever deeper into the jaws of oblivion? Check out Season One of the RIFTS LIVE PLAY PODCAST: GHOST IN THE MACHINE to find out!

the honeycomb hideout

Honeycomb Hideout

The Honeycomb Hideout is the podcast for ponderous pop culture people. In each episode, co-hosts Joe Cain, Druzy Dru, and Christine Kitchens use their combined nerdy forces to discuss current events, dissect movies and video games, and dig deep into the philosophy of modern social issues. The Honeycomb Hideout had two prior incarnations before being re-released as V3.

Journey us as we explore topics ranging from gender bias in video games to cosplay and copyright laws. We'll be dropping new recordings every other Wednesday on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other major podcast hosting services, so make sure to follow us to be the first to catch new content.

archived episodes

archived episodes

Run out of V3 episodes and need a Honeycomb Hideout fix? Check out archived episodes from V1 and V2 on Soundcloud! There are 70+ episodes of content, including uploaded recordings of early episodes that originally premiered in 2011.

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