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Imaginos Workshop is a creative engine featuring a diverse group of creators. Our media ranges from comics to podcasts to scripts. As our company motto simply states, "We Make  Cool $h!t!"

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Joe Cain

Our next spotlight features the Simp Master Thirst King himself: Joe Cain.

A nocturnal creature, the wild Joe can often be found working tirelessly on his computer at 2 AM, adding sweet sound bites to the latest episode of The Honeycomb Hideout or working on his latest scriptwriting project. Like a sleep-deprived creative kraken, Joe slings words and sounds and illustrations alike into masterful works of story telling. He's also the originator of Nos, the Imaginos Mascot.

Joe has been on the creative scene for a while. Not only is Joe a founding member of Imaginos Workshop, but he also collaborated with our own Mark Dudley under a prior studio called DrunkenStyle Studios. He's also previously worked in a comic book shop and to this day is our expert source on all things comic. He's also hands down one of the biggest fan boys of our merry lot and is always eager to gush about the latest on the superhero and kaiju scene (said with all the love, Joe :) XOXOXOXO). The fastest way into Joe's heart is to proclaim avid enthusiasm for the Power Rangers series.

His previous and current projects stretch across a wide range of mediums, from our podcast, The Honeycomb Hideout, to his original comic, Paragon Panic. His dream project is to produce an audio serial/drama. And a film. And animated productions. Pretty much everything. Joe’s hunger for story writing and creation is impossible to sate.


While a spotlight can’t hope to cover the entirety of Joe’s creative portfolio, we rappelled through the ceiling of his bedroom at 3 AM to pick his brain about his current and past creations. He gave us some side eye, but decided to indulge us with an interview anyway.

Q: You’re one of the founding members of Imaginos Workshop. What made you join up with all the other founders? 

A: Actually, myself and fellow co-founder Mark Dudley were already collaborating under his previous studio’s banner, DrunkenStyle Studios around the time that Imaginos Workshop was starting to come together. At the time, it had been just myself and Mark working together for awhile, but then we met and got to know Nik Emmadi as a fellow regular at our former home away from home Borders (RIP). Our other fellow co-founder  Jon Ross was actually working at Borders at the time as well. Over time, we began to spitball ideas and start to see some creative chemistry happen, which was pretty great for Mark and I as I recall Mark was getting the itch to put together a new crew and I was... well, to be honest, I was pretty eager to be part of a creative group. So, all in all, we all came together thanks to Borders.

Q: Our lovable mascot, Nos, was actually your brainchild! What was your inspiration for this little dude and how did it get to be our mascot?

A: The funny thing is that Nos was originally the base design for a character named Ness I had created for a webcomic. Mark Dudley was actually in the process of trying to come up with a mascot for Imaginos around the same time. Originally, I had worked out a fun gimmick of Ness' species having designs on their bellies; Ness had a prohibition symbol (the “No/Do Not” circle with the line through it) because he was just a ball of cynicism. By that point, we had settled on IW's logo, so I had the thought of replacing the stomach symbol on Ness with the Imaginos “O”. From there, Mark took one of my sketches, performed some photoshop wizardry, added some different colors for contrast, and BOOM! Ness' mischievous, reality-hopping cousin, Nos, was born!!

Q: You’ve been the host for the Honeycomb Hideout for almost a decade now. How has it been to live and grow with the podcast through its lifetime?


A: Honestly? It's been a really emotional experience. I feel like The Honeycomb Hideout started out as a something very specific but, eventually, as I got older, the show started to evolve as I did. When the podcast first started, the first iteration was intended to be “Howard Stern for Geeks” but, through the years, the time eventually came when that mission statement no longer felt right. I wanted to do different things with the show, go in a different direction; less shock-jock, more contemplative discussion and/or debate. I started making those changes around midway through the second run of the show and those change eventually resulted in the current iteration, V3. So I'd say the show has been an almost direct parallel analogue for my own growth and evolution as my person. Can you tell this was a very personal response? 'Cuz it was.  :D

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Imaginos Workshop has collaborated with several individuals and businesses throughout the years. Through these partnerships, we have been able to bring quality media to both SE Michigan and the broader online community. Take a moment to check out our partners and their awesome products. 

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Shining Otaku Comics L.L.C. serves to publish the best manga content in the world in terms of passion, structure, and effort depicted through the synchronization of artwork and story-building. We strive to not only connect the community of awesome fans of manga and the authors who provide interesting stories, but also to reach out to various people who only portray manga as material for “children” or content that “revolves around few genres” so that all mangas may have a greater chance at being recognized worldwide as masterpieces. We provide multiple genres of works done by various authors whether they are newcomers or professionals. Shining Otaku Comics essential purpose is to be a sanctuary where MANGA BURNS BRIGHTLY!!!


Comfort and Adam are an award-nominated husband and wife comic creating team. They write, draw, color, letter, and design all their work together as an equal duo. Comfort and Adam made their name as professional self-publishers with their acclaimed series The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. They also wrote a massive how-to book for Random House called The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics and the internet-exclusive series Kitty Game (with artist Corinne Roberts).


Detroit Tradecraft is a forum to advance and promote detroit area comic, animation and film graphic artists and writers-and showcase their work


Palladium Books was one of the first companies to innovate in the world of role playing games. Through many dynamic twists and turns, the company has grown and learned throughout the years. Read more about Palladium Books' history here.


Cheapthrill Media offers expertise in comic book development, character design, cartoon development, 3d animation


Lexx Designs Marketing Services LLC is an online based graphic design/marketing company that specializes in small businesses and established businesses. We have worked with well over 1000 small businesses nationwide since 2017.  Our target audience ranges from “Beauty Brands” to “Ministry Marketing”. We assist with creating unique logos, business cards, flyers, websites and more! 


Alpha Omega Animation Design is an exciting Michigan based venture into the realm of entertainment design and animation..

Alpha Omega specializes in Traditional Animation, 2d digital animation, storyboards and concept creation and design for film, television, commercials, internet, toys, gaming and more.

The Alpha Omega team strives to provide high quality professional service bolstered by a fierce dedication to integrity and the creation of meaningful, adventurous, original content.


GENERATE COMIX was created to generate, highlight and develop new science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy & horror from our Cultural and personal Vantage points. Our goal is to bring creatives together to generate exciting new comics, graphic novels, illustrated screenplays and film properties. In short, to generate the next level of Urban pop Entertainment/culture.


Creating new worlds alive with vibrant strangeness, unique visual aesthetics, and the illusion of history. Giving fictional characters fascinating places to call home. Designing mechanical works with an understanding when convention is necessary and when it isn’t. This is the central online hub of Vulne Pro, a small development studio focusing on creative properties for television animation, web, and print media.

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Wrapped Productions is a media company. We are committed to providing quality media to our clients to best represent their products and services. At Wrapped Productions, we hope to service your needs to the letter.