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Imaginos Workshop is a creative engine featuring a diverse group of creators. Our media ranges from comics to podcasts to scripts. As our company motto simply states, "We Make  Cool $h!t!"

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Nico Johnson

Nico Johnson juggles many different roles as a member of Imaginos Workshop and Shining Otaku. While often a quiet voice at meetings, hiding beneath that Poker League worthy veneer lie dark secrets untold...

Unable to resist the call of forbidden knowledge? Check out our full interview with Nico on our Creator Spotlight page!


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Partner Spotlight


Shining Otaku

Our first official partner spotlight goes out to our sister organization, Shining Otaku! Nico and Ervin are members of both Shining Otaku and Imaginos Workshop and are constantly bringing new content to the table. Manga, interviews, and now an awesome promotional video for their group! Check out their new promo along with all the other interviews on their YouTube channel or hustle over to their webpage to see what manga goodness they're cooking up!