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Imaginos Workshop is a creative engine featuring a diverse group of creators. Our media ranges from comics to podcasts to scripts. As our company motto simply states, "We Make  Cool $h!t!"

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Mark Dudley

Our inaugural featured creator is one of the founders of Imaginos Workshop: Mark Dudley.


A veteran of both Imaginos and the broader creative industry, Mark has dabbled in a little bit of everything. From his webcomic Juda Fist to script writing, Mark is a creative engine unto himself. Not only is he a major driving force in Imaginos Workshop, but also a dedicated community member. Mark believes in sharing industry knowledge to help aspiring illustrators and writers kickoff careers. Aspiring to meet students where they're at, he has hosted a number of free online and in person workshops (such as the Comic Book Manga Workshop).


Despite the many projects and efforts Mark has spearheaded, he dislikes being in the spotlight. Unfortunately for him, his popularity in the workshop pushed him to the front of the line for our new spotlight.

To help learn more about this amazing creator, we asked him a few questions about how he got started and where he hopes to go.

Q: What first got you into the field of media creation?

A: I've been drawing since I was 3. I stopped for about 6 years and after college started doing Illustration work for Palladium Books. It wasn't until 2010 at the urging of Jumping The Broom Producer Glendon Palmer that I gave screenwriting any serious thought.

Q: As one of the founders of Imaginos Workshop, how has it been to watch Imaginos evolve over the years?

A: Imaginos is my second venture. Drunkenstyle Studios is my first. Watching that go down in flames, it makes me very proud to see Imaginos reaching the levels its moving toward.

Q: What is one of your favorite projects that you've worked on under Imaginos Workshop?


A: Its hard to say when it comes to favorites. My own work for Juda Fist: 7 Deaths of The Yobi is up there, but I am really most proud of the design work I have done for the video game project we are working on with Round House Games, Aeryn: Nightmares Of Fau.

Q: What are your dreams for Imaginos in the future?


A: As anyone who knows me has heard "When you have the skill to make something happen, it's not a dream, it's a goal". My goals for Imaginos Workshop are for it to become a full fledge production studio where we can chart our own course.

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teamwork makes the dream work

Imaginos Workshop has collaborated with several individuals and businesses throughout the years. Through these partnerships, we have been able to bring quality media to both SE Michigan and the broader online community. Take a moment to check out our partners and their awesome products. 


Shining Otaku Comics L.L.C. serves to publish the best manga content in the world in terms of passion, structure, and effort depicted through the synchronization of artwork and story-building. We strive to not only connect the community of awesome fans of manga and the authors who provide interesting stories, but also to reach out to various people who only portray manga as material for “children” or content that “revolves around few genres” so that all mangas may have a greater chance at being recognized worldwide as masterpieces. We provide multiple genres of works done by various authors whether they are newcomers or professionals. Shining Otaku Comics essential purpose is to be a sanctuary where MANGA BURNS BRIGHTLY!!!

Comfort and Adam are an award-nominated husband and wife comic creating team. They write, draw, color, letter, and design all their work together as an equal duo. Comfort and Adam made their name as professional self-publishers with their acclaimed series The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. They also wrote a massive how-to book for Random House called The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics and the internet-exclusive series Kitty Game (with artist Corinne Roberts).

Detroit Tradecraft is a forum to advance and promote detroit area comic, animation and film graphic artists and writers-and showcase their work

Palladium Books was one of the first companies to innovate in the world of role playing games. Through many dynamic twists and turns, the company has grown and learned throughout the years. Read more about Palladium Books' history here.

Cheapthrill Media offers expertise in comic book development, character design, cartoon development, 3d animation

Lexx Designs Marketing Services LLC is an online based graphic design/marketing company that specializes in small businesses and established businesses. We have worked with well over 1000 small businesses nationwide since 2017.  Our target audience ranges from “Beauty Brands” to “Ministry Marketing”. We assist with creating unique logos, business cards, flyers, websites and more! 

Alpha Omega Animation Design is an exciting Michigan based venture into the realm of entertainment design and animation..

Alpha Omega specializes in Traditional Animation, 2d digital animation, storyboards and concept creation and design for film, television, commercials, internet, toys, gaming and more.

The Alpha Omega team strives to provide high quality professional service bolstered by a fierce dedication to integrity and the creation of meaningful, adventurous, original content.

GENERATE COMIX was created to generate, highlight and develop new science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy & horror from our Cultural and personal Vantage points. Our goal is to bring creatives together to generate exciting new comics, graphic novels, illustrated screenplays and film properties. In short, to generate the next level of Urban pop Entertainment/culture.

Creating new worlds alive with vibrant strangeness, unique visual aesthetics, and the illusion of history. Giving fictional characters fascinating places to call home. Designing mechanical works with an understanding when convention is necessary and when it isn’t. This is the central online hub of Vulne Pro, a small development studio focusing on creative properties for television animation, web, and print media.

Wrapped Productions is a media company. We are committed to providing quality media to our clients to best represent their products and services. At Wrapped Productions, we hope to service your needs to the letter.

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