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Imaginos Workshop is a creative engine featuring a diverse group of creators. Our media ranges from comics to podcasts to scripts. As our company motto simply states, "We Make  Cool $h!t!"


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Nico Johnson

Nico Johnson juggles many different roles as a member of Imaginos Workshop and Shining Otaku. While often a quiet voice at meetings, hiding beneath that Poker League worthy veneer lie dark secrets untold...

Unable to resist the call of forbidden knowledge? Check out our full interview with Nico on our Creator Spotlight page!


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Partner Spotlight


HollyWood Crime Scene Podcast

Imaginos has mad love for our friends at Orion Neighborhood Television and the services they provide for the community. One fateful day, Imaginos Pete (Nik’s superhero persona in the creator sphere) stumbled into Joe Johnson and Andrew Walker having an enthusiastic and blood-filled discussion of Hollywood true crime tales. What else was there to do but make a podcast?! Our three friends took to the podcast recording room of ONTV and got to work. They’re a few episodes in (and recording more), so buckle up and check out these macabre tales of fame, fortune, and murder. Check out Joe Johnson, Imaginos Pete, and Andrew Walker on their podcast Hollywood Crime Scene on SoundCloud!