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Creator Spotlight

Nico Johnson

Our next spotlight features the elusive man of mystery: Nico Johnson.

Nico is both a member of Imaginos Workshop and Shining Otaku (where manga burns brightly). Like many members of our motley crew, Nico juggles many roles in both organizations. Writing, marketing, interviewing. You name it, he does it.

While rocking a hella dapper outfit.

(Seriously, when the rest of us are rolling up to Imaginos meetings in sweats, this dude is selfie ready at any moment)

We flashed the dapper signal in the sky and summoned Nico to answer just a few of the questions burning in our hearts.

Q: Could you talk about some of the things you do as a part of Shining Otaku? Do you have any personal creator projects outside of Shining Otaku? 

A: You’ll primarily see me working in editorial, but me and Ervin often just shift many roles. Script-writing, penciling, lettering, bookkeeping, public speaking, nothing is really off the table until delegated to other members of the team.

Ha! We’ve worked very closely on projects with our partners and affiliate groups, such as Imaginos Workshop and Detroit Tradecraft, that we don’t really consider them “outside” of Shining Otaku. If there are any projects of mine outside of that, well, they certainly don’t meet the Shining Otaku narrative.

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered during your time in Shining Otaku?

A: Most see the team we have now. Only few know the headaches I incurred with those before we found the members of our team.

Another thing is I prefer marketing matters. Marketing is fun, fast-paced, even liberating! Operations though often is boring with rules needed, structures double backed on, contracts, taxes; slow moving and careful matters that if overlooked crumbles everything built up.

Q: I heard that before you and Ervin were partners, you were rivals. Can you give some more details about what led to your partnership in Shining Otaku?

A: We were gaming rivals in college always trying to one-up each other. By coincidence we met again in a business program.


Next I knew, we were on this bridge at campus as he made a proposition to work together on a project. Whether intentional or not, I was intrigued how well timed the offer was made and the setting chosen. Later said project became the God’s of Life story known today.

Q: What’s one of your favorite interviews you’ve done in Shining Otaku?

A: All of our interviews were worthwhile, and a few had works I personally was a hard fan of. That said, one of the few that stood out among the rest was our interview with Morgan Kollin, Founder of Youmacon.


Many revelations were made about the industry we were dealing with in that particular discussion, bringing full circle the transition from a fan to professional.

Q: If you won a sweepstake to meet your favorite manga creator, who would it be and what outfit would you wear to make an impression?

A: Definitely the man who goes by an alias alone, Oh! great. I would likely come to him in my usual attire along with a Kogarasumaru pendant.

Q: If you could write yourself into any manga universe, what would you choose?

A: Gundam. What man who loves technological advancements WOULDN’T want to live his days experiencing mechs!?

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