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Creator Spotlight: Joe Cain

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

You find yourself standing in an empty room. You notice a locked hatch in the wooden floor. Suddenly, a loud THUMP echoes throughout the room, accompanied by the violent shaking of the hatch. Then, there’s only silence.

Never one to acknowledge clear and apparent signs of danger, you walk over and undo the only thing saving you from the mysterious being down below: a thick metal latch. You step away and wait anxiously. Slowly, the wooden hatch opens. There’s a moment of stillness before a hand abruptly shoots up from the opening. Like, some kind of rice shoot. But less edible. Another hand erupts forth. Slowly, a body drags itself from the opening. It raises its head to meet your eyes, revealing…

MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Hello friends! It’s been a while. Summer is an extraordinarily busy time for me since I work in a lab and we do a LOT of field work in the summer. There was more than once I was still sitting in a lab at 11 PM while conducting an experiment. During field season, I’ve been focusing exclusively on the Honeycomb Hideout and some other writing projects with what free time I’ve had. Unfortunately, that means my unofficial webmaster duties got kicked to the back burner.

BUT NOW I’M BACK BABY! To celebrate my yearly liberation from the toils of science, we have a new Creator Spotlight on our website! Our latest feature highlights the work of my close friend and podcast co-host, Joe Cain. Head over to our landing page to learn about the legend of the Simp Master Thirst King and his many contributions to Imaginos Workshop over the years. Like the other creators previously featured on our spotlight, despite years in the business, Joe apparently has, like, 3 pictures ever of him working. To help bolster our visual aids, I drew Joe as one of the great loves of his life: A Power Ranger.

Til next time!

-Christine Kitchens, Scientist Supreme and Web Master for Imaginos Workshop

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