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The Honeycomb Hideout V3 Episode 32: Roll for intolerance

ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES!! As you all are WELL and surely aware at this point, the Hideout and Imaginos Workshop as whole is chock full of geeks and nerds, but we are all also well aware of the fact that our hobbies and fandoms aren't as inclusive as we wished they actually were. Well, the tabletop RPG heads in the group got another shock to the system recently with the leak of the playtest of TSR Hobbies' reboot of the Star Frontiers RPG "New Genesis". If any of you out there haven't heard of this recent event, then buckle up, 'Combies, because we're going all in on discussing this sh*tshow and we've got ol' Blackie Jones, Mark Dudley himself, in the Hideout to go deep in on this one. So come on down and join Joe, Christine, and Mark as they wade into this cesspool to get to the real nitty-gritty of TSR's misfire and the inherent prejudice in gaming.

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