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The Honeycomb Hideout V3 Episode 22: GET IN THE GD ROBOT, SHINJIi!!

Hoo-boy, 'Combies. We've got a chonky one for you this week. With the release of the fourth film of the Evangelion Rebuild series finally happening last year and there being Eva fans in the Hideout, it only felt right to do a deep dive on all of the films, their plots, cultural impact, and even postulating just how things reached the point for the films to even come into existence. This is a THICC one, y'all, and it's going all over the place! And, considering the content about to be partaken of, yeah, this is an 18+ podcast. And this will be ABUNDANTLY clear with today's episode! So settle in, y'all, things are about to get weird.

And, don't forget! If you want to check us out on the go, you can also find The Honeycomb Hideout on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public!

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