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The Honeycomb Hideout Episode 65: Avengers Retrospective Part 5 - Once More And Properly This Time

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally come back around to a lingering discussion that has needed to be finished up for some time. So we are, 'Combies! Here's the finale to the Avengers Retrospective, and honestly? I think it was the right time to finish it. With all the time that's past since the last Marvel Studios production and us finally getting some new MCU content with WandaVision, now feels like the right time for us to look at the culmination of the last narrative as they begin a new one. So, come on down and join us as Joe, Drew, and Christine dive deep into Avengers: Endgame and share their thoughts and feels good and ill.

And as a reminder, this is an 18+ podcast. So if you ain't over 18... FIND YO' MAMMY AND TURN THIS OFF!!

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