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Pristine Peninsula

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Join host Phiz Williams on the 17th episode of Pristine Peninsula. This time, Phiz speaks with three people who are in some way connected to the auto industry. Meet: Delroy Jenkins (Joe Cain), a grillmaster who drives around in his drivable, street-legal grill to events to deliver the meats, Jess Gumdrop (Jeffrey Lilly) a conspiracy theorist who believes there is something strange going on with catalytic convertors, and then Lazenby Crankshaft (Imaginos Pete), proud self-described 'Car whisperer', talks about his car shop "Meltdown Garage.

Those guys couldn't stay very long, so as soon as they left, 3 gentleman from Imaginos workshop sat down & discussed the projects they have going on.

Or check it out on Soundcloud here:…/episode-17-the-auto-industrythe-im…

Also check out the Imaginos Workshop website and see what they have going on over there!

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