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JUDA FIST ... Page 9 Hittin' Like A Shotgun!!!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

In this page we get a chance to see why Cobra Red is far more than meets the eye as she and C-SWAT prepare to venture further into the lair of the criminal enterprise known as the "Jugganaut Zombies"

I drew this too is to a joint by a local Detroit Group called Platinum Pied Pipers. THey did it with Detroit Legend Jay Dee. Is as high energy and hardcore as Cobra Red herself.

You can listen to Platinum Pied Pipers "Shotgun" here.

If you missed any of the previous pages look no further than The Juda Fist: 7 Deaths Of The Yobi Webcomic

Art and Story: Mark C Dudley Letters: Joe Cain

Edits: Jeff Lilly

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