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Catching Up with Shining Otaku: Killbox and The KAZUO Mayakawa Interview

The crew over at our manga publishing partner SHINING OTAKU are at it again. Busy bring you the best in Japanese-related content and Manga. This week we ask the question WHAT IS KILLBOX?

After a bad investment, Darren, a headstrong collegiate has to find a way to pay his tuition. His salvation may lie in a world he only recently ridiculed, BATTLE RAP!

Inspired by conversations with writer/creator ERVIN JOHNSON concerning the generation gap between Millennials, Gen-Z, and Hip Hop's Gen-X founders, Killbox takes us into a world where we learn that one can respect tradition while bringing something fresh to the game.

So Look out for this OEL SIENEN MANGA in the pages of the debut issue of SHINING OTAKU's upcoming blockbuster OEL Manga anthology. Written by Ervin Johnson with pencils by D-Rector and inks by Liz Rehfuss.

In other Shining Otaku News, SHINING SPOTLIGHT, our Youtube spot for intriguing interviews with interesting people in the world of manga, comics, and culture has done it again! We recently talked with Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney Manga Artist KAZUO MAEKAWA ! Look out for the interview to go live on July 30th, at 3 pm EST.

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