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Making creation more accessible

One of the goals of Imaginos Workshop is to provide tools to help aspiring creators get into the field of comic creation. In the past, Imaginos participated in The Comicbook Manga Workshop in partnership with Better Pontiac. Through this program, Imaginos taught more than 20 members of the public the fundamentals and essentials of comic and manga creation.


Imaginos continues to create accessible resources for new creators through our online archive of lessons. In each video, Mark Dudley reviews a variety of techniques, from story building to page structure. Check out the full list here!

Check out the first lesson from the comicbook manga workshop here!

Free downloads

Free Downloads

imaginos plus: better Pontiac

Leap into action and experience explosive back alley battles and undercover androids. Slip into a mysterious dream world where a strange capitol lies in the distance. Bear witness as a librarian becomes apprentice to a sorcerer. In this special free edition of Imaginos Plus, you’ll find a little bit of everything that the workshop has to offer.

#betterpontiac issue

As part of our prior partnership with Better Pontiac, Imaginos created a special free issue of Imaginos Plus. The #betterpontiac issue can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf or cbz file.


Click on an image to get redirected to a scaled up version, then download and set as your background! 

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