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The Honeycomb Hideout V3 Episode 17: The Village is Chock Full of Evil Residents!

Alright, 'Combies! We've got some more spoopiness for y'all this week too! This time, the gamers are front and center as we've recently finished the latest entry in the Resident Evil series, 8, otherwise known as Village. Playing the game was a treat and we have so very many thoughts to share about it and our experiences with it. And yes, we will be discussing the THICC giant vampire lady. So, come on down and let's dive into old-world, spoopiness of Resident Evil 8: Village!

And, don't forget! If you want to check us out on the go, you can also find The Honeycomb Hideout on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public!

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